At Brockley House Orthodontics the fees vary depending on the personal orthodontic care provided. The initial consultation charge includes the consultation, a written report, analysis and reporting of radiographs and clinical photographs. We aim to provide a clear outline of the orthodontic treatment options to help you make an informed choice. The initial consultation fee varies and is up to £250. A consultation charge is payable whether or not treatment is considered. There is an additional charge for radiographs, where these are required. Currently radiographs cost in the region of £50 per radiograph.


Consultation                                               £150-250

Review appointment: video or ‘face to face’   £90-140


Treatment costs are based on individual treatment recommendations, the complexity of the treatment, the appliances required including retainers and the anticipated length of treatment.


Private orthodontic fees:


Single arch fixed appliance from £3100

Dual arch fixed appliance from £4300

Single arch lingual appliance from £5700

Dual arch lingual appliance from £7700

Invisalign Full from £4500

Invisalign Lite from £3400

Invisalign i7 from £2300

Quadhelix from £1600

Functional appliance from £2300

Removable appliance from £1200

Custom made mouthguard from £80

Replacement retainer, each from £135


Aesthetic appliances additional cost £420 per arch

Lost/replacement removable appliance from £150 each

Fixed / bonded retainer from £350 each 

Repair of fixed / bonded retainer from £150

Removal of bonded retainer from £200


The duration of orthodontic treatment can vary and the fee is fixed whether treatment finishes sooner or later than anticipated. 


Nigel Taylor is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide interest free credit for his patients. Orthodontic fees may be paid in full at the start of treatment or, following an initial payment, by monthly standing order. There are no additional charges for payment by monthly standing order.


0% Finance when paying by standing order

Nigel Taylor is refgistered with the Financial Conduct Authority to allow the payment period to be extended beyond one year. The period of payment does not necessarily correlate with the period of treatment and the full agreed fee is fixed and is payable whether treatment is completed sooner or later than anticipated.


Nigel Taylor provides interest free credit for some orthodontic treatment plans. an initial payment is required followed by monthly payments by standing order to cover the remainer of the treatment costs. 


What treatment qualifies for 0% Finance?

For treatments above £1,000 there is usually an option to pay part of the fee by standing order.


How do I repay the orthodontic fee loan?

As with most other credit agreements, the orthodontic treatment will be paid off in monthly instalments. These are sent by your bank on the instruction of a Standing Order.


How much interest will I pay?

Paying off treatment by standing order is free. There are no additional charges.


How do I apply for an orthodontic loan?

Once treatment has been discussed and agreed with Nigel Taylor, an agreement for tresatment is sent to you with a standing order form. It is then up to you to choose whether to pay the amount in full at the start of treatment or, following an initial payment, to pay by standing order.