Braces and missing teeth

Teeth can be missing at the front or the back of the mouth. Teeth may fail to develop or be lost through disease or injury. Nigel Taylor has a wide experience of orthodontic management of patients with missing teeth and aims to provide the optimal aesthetic and functional results for patients


Unfortunately, upper central incisor teeth can be lost due to injury. Usually it is important that space is present so that the dentist can provide a bridge or implant of the correct size to match the adjacent tooth and maintain symmetry. Fixed braces can be needed to move the teeth to create the required space.


Upper lateral incisor teeth may be missing and braces can be used to recreate space to allow placement of a bridge or implant by the dentist.

Sometimes there may be insufficient space in the jaw to create space for an artificial replacment for the missing tooth and closing the space may be considered. This decision is taken after careful consideration and discussion with the patient and the family dentist. 


It is less common to find that multiple teeth are missing. Careful planning and movement of the existing teeth with braces can facilite the placement for implants and bridges. Braces can improve the aesthetics and, on occasions, braces may help to reduce the number of artificial teeth required.