Looking after your brace and your dental health


It is important to brush your teeth well at least twice a day with flouride toothpaste and to clean your teeth after meals. If you do not keep your teeth and brace clean, you risk ending up with permanent white or brown marks on your teeth. Rinsing with fluoride mouthwash after tooth brushing before you go to bed will help to keep yoiur teeth healthy.


if you have too many sweets, sugary foods, fruit drinks or fizzy drinks, you also risk ending up with marks on your teeth.the more often you have sugary foods or drinks, the more likely you are to damage your teeth so avoid sweet things between meals.


Healthy gums are very important for ensuring healthy teeth. most patients will experience a little redness and swelling of the gums whilst wearing a brace and this usually disappears once the brace is removed. however, if you do not brush your teeth and brace properly, your gums may become very swollen during treatment causing lasting damage.


The British Orthodontic Society has a guide to toothbrushing for patients available on it's website and you can see a video here.