Tooth Movements

When a tooth is moved by a brace the tooth is gently moved within its socket. The blood flow in the socket resorbs the bone. New bone growth occurs behind the tooth. At the end of treatment the tooth settles back into the bone in the centre of the socket.


Opening Space for an Artificial Tooth

When a tooth is missing space may be needed for an artificial tooth, such as a bridge or implant, to replace the missing tooth. A fixed brace can be used to straighten the teeth and create space between the teeth. A spring opens space between the teeth and creates space for an artificial tooth to be placed.


Canine Tooth Displaced Towards the Palate

Sometimes a canine tooth develops in the palate. On most occasions, this can be moved like any other tooth with fixed braces. The fixed appliance is used to align the teeth, create space for the canine tooth and to gently guide the canine tooth into position.



Interdental Adjustment

Interdental adjustment is also known as interproximal reduction. This is a routine part of orthodontic treatment when only small amounts of space are required or to reshape teeth. A very small amount of enamel is removed either by hand or with a dental handpiece using abrasive strips; or by using a disc in a dental handpiece.  



Looking after your brace